Background Screening: Why Screen?

Six good reasons

Thorough background checks should be part of your ministry’s programs. Choosing the right provider and services can be tricky, because when it comes to background screening, the saying “you get what you pay for” is often true. Some searches may fit nicely into a ministry’s budget, but they don’t provide the same depth of information that a more comprehensive check will uncover.

Carefully screening people before allowing them to be involved in your programs is an essential investment in your ministry’s future. The right background screening programs:

1. Protect your church or ministry from incidents of child sexual abuse.

2. Prevent you from appointing staff or volunteers who may skim money from church accounts.

3. Enable you to select drivers for church vehicles who have safe driving records.

4. Allow you to select appropriate leaders for your ministry.

5. Help you attract new members and recruit volunteers who want to be involved in a safe ministry.

6. Reduce your ministry’s liability in court if something goes wrong, because it demonstrates that your ministry takes reasonable care to safeguard its members.