Welcome to Our Safety Library

Administration, Staff & Finance

Be sure that your ministry is managing its staff and volunteers appropriately by learning more about the law and avoiding common errors. Develop policies, procedures, and controls that ensure accountability and protect your ministry's staff, volunteers, and financial assets. Read about best practices and check out our sample forms.

Buildings & Property

Whether you're working on a new building project or just brushing up on maintenance, there's much you can do to ensure that your buildings and grounds are safe and protected. Learn more about what to watch for, what to avoid, and what you can do to protect your ministry's property investment.

Children & Youth

Protect your ministry's youngest members by screening volunteers, carefully supervising events, and regularly inspecting your play equipment. Let us help you develop screening programs, safety inspections, and more. Share these resources with your staff and volunteers.

Disasters, Emergencies & Health

You can't always prevent accidents and disasters, but you can be prepared for how you will respond. Learn more about planning, communication, and other tips that will help you respond well. Check out our coronavirus articles. Take a look at our resources, then review or create your own plans.

Mission Travel

Whether it's your ministry's first mission trip or its 100th, take the time to ensure that you've planned appropriately and educated your travelers thoroughly. Use these travel tips, articles, and checklists to plan a safe and effective ministry trip.

Religious Freedom

How do ministries balance their sincerely held religious beliefs with current cultural trends, which in some cases run counter to biblical teaching? Protect your church when making belief-based decisions in ministry.

Risk Management Basics

Every ministry can benefit from practicing good risk management. Find out what the basics are and how you can make a positive difference when it comes to overall safety. Learn what areas you can work on today to reduce your risk and protect your ministry.

Risk Management Forms

Youth worker applications, photo use agreements, notice of injury forms, and so much more. We've put together a complete list of sample forms that you can use to help keep your ministry and the people you serve safe. View and download our sample risk management forms.

Risk Management Videos

From auto safety to preventing water damage, and so much more. We're creating a library of how-to videos you can use to help keep your ministry and the people you serve safe.View our risk management videos.

Vehicles & Drivers

Prevent accidents and provide safe transportation for your ministry by carefully choosing and training your drivers, following safety precautions, and performing regular vehicle maintenance. Take a look at our tips and checklists before you hit the road.