About Spiritual Care Ministries

Churches are also organizing and supervising an increasing number of spiritual care ministries in which laypersons facilitate informal care programs. Look in any church bulletin today, and you are likely to find references to one or more of the following care ministries:

  • Topical Support Group Ministries relating to grief, divorce, parenting, or coping with past abuse. These support groups naturally foster an opportunity for informal transparent discussion, encouragement, and prayer among individuals of like interests.
  • Recovery Programs that provide teaching and testimonies of people who have gone through struggles relating to various addictions and obtained victory through faith.
  • Marriage Mentoring Ministries that enable trained couples within the local church to informally meet with other couples for mentoring on issues such as communication, parenting, blended families, and forgiveness.
  • Money management basics that help families manage their finances by learning budgeting techniques.
  • Children and Youth Care Ministries that provide support programs for minors struggling with divorce, a new blended family, loneliness, and other issues.
  • Shut-In and Hospital Visitation Programs through which caregivers reach out to the sick, disabled, and homebound.