This question and answer section can help in your search for information on legal topics important to your ministry. You will find answers to some of the questions that ministry leaders most frequently ask our Legal Assist team. Each response provides access to related checklists, sample forms, and recommended readings. Questions are arranged according to topic and ministry focus.

Ministry Activities & Operations

Having the right policies in place can help you better achieve your mission. Do you have questions about the policies and procedures your ministry needs to serve your congregation and the community at-large? Find some of the information you may need here.

Ministry Workers, Employees & Volunteers

Whether you’re wrestling with payroll questions, hiring a new employee, or managing volunteers, you may need answers to legal questions that can help you protect your ministry from liability risks. Legal Q&A can help provide some of them.

Facilities, Buildings & Grounds

Protecting your property is as important as protecting the people you serve. Knowing the potential legal effect of sharing your building, for example, can help you manage any liability risks that may result. Learn more about managing your property risks.

Boards, Bylaws, Organization & Records

The steps you can take to organize your ministry, set up your bylaws, and establish record-keeping practices can help make your ministry more effective in the years ahead. Review information about incorporation, by-laws, and more.

Finance & Tax

There are few organizational matters more important to a ministry than protecting its finances. Tax laws often change, and ministry leaders should be aware of situations that could jeopardize their 501c (3) status. Our legal team responds to some of these issues.

General Law, Contracts & Insurance

Insurance questions and issues related to general law depend greatly on specific situations. Issues like merging ministries, liability insurance protection, contracts, and copyrights, all have legal aspects. This section addresses some of the potential issues.


Ministries sometimes have to address health issues, most of them common ailments. Sometimes, it’s more serious—a child who requires special care or a medical emergency. Whatever the case, being prepared should be a top priority of every ministry. This section reviews several health matters.

Religious Freedom

How do ministries balance their sincerely held religious beliefs with current cultural trends, which in some cases run counter to biblical teaching? This section reviews belief-based decisions in ministry.

Safety & Security

Planning for the safety of those who worship at your church or participate in your ministry raises various legal questions, some of them resulting from violent incidents in ministry settings. Begin safety and security planning here.

Technology & Media

Technology has made texting and social media some of the most commonly used terms in our language today. Consequently, issues of copyright and abuses of text messaging arise frequently. Review legal issues involving technology and media.

Independent Contractors

Working with independent contractors is not usually the same as working with employees and volunteers. Knowing what the law requires before hiring a contractor can help you manage your relationship later. Access more information here.

Brotherhood Mutual is pleased to provide this complimentary legal assistance service. The services we offer through Legal Assist are intended to provide general legal information to our current and prospective policyholders. It does not constitute legal advice. We intend to provide information that is helpful, but you should not consider information offered through Legal Assist to be a substitute for the advice of a licensed attorney in your area.