Church Maintenance: Routine Building Inspection

Dirty jobs to tackle

  • Cleaning out gutters, drain pipes—Prevents water from backing up on the roof, causing water damage.

  • Sealing asphalt parking lots annually—Limits cracks that lead to potholes and twisted ankles.

  • Maintaining vehicles (oil changes, tire rotation)—Reduces the likelihood of accidents and breakdowns that can cause injuries.

  • Inspecting/retarring flat roofs (every 2-4 years)—Deters water damage, roof collapse.

  • Checking steeples, towers, and shingled roofs (every few years)—Identify leaks leading to water damage.

  • Inspecting boilers, furnaces annually (or biannually)—Prevents fires caused by faulty equipment.

  • Cleaning air ducts every few years—Improves furnace efficiency and prevents fires caused by an overworked furnace.

  • Trimming trees and brush—Prevents dead branches from falling on people or vehicles.

  • Emptying grease traps—Removes congealed grease below kitchen sinks that can clog drainage pipes and lead to sewer and drain backups.

  • Cleaning ventilation hoods—Removes grease buildup above kitchen stoves that can lead to fires.