Protecting Your Church's Stained Glass Windows

If your church buildings include stained glass windows, or if you're planning to incorporate stained glass in your next building program, you'll want to follow these guidelines from the Stained Glass Association of America:

Protecting Your Glass

  • To guard against vandalism or destructive weather, install an exterior protective glazing of one-quarter inch safety glass or acrylic.
    • If stained glass is included as part of a building program, install the protective glazing at the same time as the stained glass. Remember to maintain copies of your contract with the studio. It'll help you determine the value of your windows for claim adjustment purposes.
    • If the glazing is added at a later date, contract with a stained glass studio for the most professional results.
  • Prevent condensation and encourage air circulation through the space between the glass and the glazing by venting it at the extreme top and bottom.
  • Use screened vents to prevent insect infestation.

Insuring Your Glass

Stained glass windows are automatically covered under Brotherhood Mutual's property insurance. However, because of its aesthetic and historical value, stained glass should be appraised by a stained glass professional to ensure that it's valued correctly on your policy. If you have questions, your agent can help guide you.

For a list of stained glass studios and craftsmen, contact:

The Stained Glass Association of America
P.O. Box 22642, Kansas City, MO 64113