Avoid Hazards at Parking Lot Entrances

Poorly marked or hard-to-see barriers can actually increase the likelihood of an accident

Typical methods of cordoning off parking lots, like draping chains or cables across lot entrances, can be hard to see, especially in low light or poor weather. These obstacles pose a threat to:

  • Bicyclists
  • Skateboarders
  • Joggers and other pedestrians
  • Motor vehicles

Consider installing a gate. Besides being more attractive than chains or cables, professionally installed swinging or sliding gates offer strength and high visibility to protect your property and the welfare of pedestrian traffic.

Chains and cables are still an option. If installing a gate is simply not feasible, you can still employ chains and cables, but take extra precautions.

  • Use high visibility, flexible plastic tubing to cover the length of the chain or cable. Tubing should be brightly colored and at least two inches in diameter.
  • Attach hanging signs to barriers. The addition of a sign not only increases the visibility of barriers, it also informs passersby of additional hazards in the area and can specifically prohibit trespassing, swimming, fishing, skateboarding, or other activities on church or ministry property.