How to Spot Potential Risks to Your Ministry

Protect your ministry at low cost with insurance coverage and risk management help for things like fire and crime prevention

There are many ways for churches to secure help at little to no cost.

Some suggestions:

  1. Get an outsider's perspective. Ask someone unfamiliar with your church (such as another pastor) to do a walk-through and point out areas they think might involve risks.
  2. Ask your agent to do a risk assessment. Many agents have received specialized training in risk management and are happy to help you look for ways to reduce risks.
  3. Review your insurance coverage. Many churches don't realize exactly what their insurance covers—and what it doesn't. If you have questions, ask your agent to discuss your coverage with you.
  4. Identify fire risks. Many fire departments will send an inspector to your church for a walk-through and fire prevention consultation.
  5. Crime-proof your facilities. Many cities and counties have crime prevention officers who will perform security assessments that can reduce your church's risk of being targeted.


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