Preventing Frozen Pipes in Ministry Buildings (video)

By insulating pipes and being careful during severe, freezing weather, your ministry can avoid joining the half-million homes and businesses damaged each year by frozen pipes.

Freezing cold weather can cause pipes to burst and flood your building. Here are some last-minute prevention tips to keep your ministry’s pipes from falling victim when an icy blast hits your area.

TURN UP THE HEAT. Keep building temperature above 55 degrees. You may need to raise the thermostat setting to keep it there.

PROP OPEN DOORS. Open cabinet doors beneath sinks and prop building doors open to maintain heat in cooler parts of a building.

LET FAUCETS DRIP. Leaving taps slightly open keeps water moving, making it less likely to freeze inside pipes during extreme cold spells.

INSPECT BASEMENTS AND ATTICS. Many frozen pipes happen in basements, crawl spaces, and attics, where insulation may be poor. Fit exposed pipes with foam sleeves and squirt insulating foam into any gaps or cracks letting in cold air.

PREP THE GENERATOR.  A reliable energy source can help you maintain heat in the building, even if a big freeze takes down power lines.


Make sure you have the following phone numbers on hand in case of a building emergency:   

  • Plumber

  • Water Restoration Company

  • Heating Contractor

  • Electrician

  • Utility Company

  • General Contractor

  • Insurance Agent or Company

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Posted October 2020. Updated May 2023.

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