Getting Started

Safeguarding the physical and spiritual well-being of students, and caring for their mental, emotional, and social needs, are some of the most important responsibilities of a school leadership team. Policies, procedures, and a robust screening program designed to protect students from abuse are important components of providing an enriching educational experience. When fully implemented, an abuse prevention program maximizes the safety of students and helps schools maintain their integrity and reputation through a commitment to transparency and care for students.

This microsite can help you develop a child abuse prevention program from scratch or strengthen an existing program. It includes background information and sample documents to provide a starting point for your school and its attorney.

You may copy and paste sample policy text from this site into your own policy documents. You'll see that at the bottom of each sample policy is a reminder to have a licensed attorney in your area review final drafts of your policies.

Posted January 2023

We recognize that every school is different, and policies and procedures must address the particular needs of each organization. The info presented on this site is designed to provide risk management recommendations. It does not constitute legal advice between an attorney and a client. The law varies in different states, and the information discussed here may not apply to your state's law. Moreover, other federal laws may apply to your school if it receives any federal funds. A locally licensed attorney should review any policies and procedures your school develops to ensure compliance with all applicable state and federal laws. Brotherhood Mutual assumes no liability for reliance upon the information provided.