Policies & Procedures

Are your policies in writing? Written policies ensure consistent training and follow-through. Staff and volunteers that work with children, youth, and vulnerable adults should be working from the same playbook designed to protect students and workers.

Want to review your policy language or create one from scratch? Click on the +Sample Policy Language button in the navigation to the right.

No plan is current forever. Review it regularly, updating it whenever necessary. Providing a safe experience requires leadership and constant vigilance to ensure that all school policies and procedures are enforced.

The sample policies and related documents in this site are intended to be a template for you and your legal counsel to use in developing your own customized child protection plan. As with all documents of this nature, it’s important that you ask an attorney in your area to review the policies before you implement them. This step will help ensure that the documents have been properly drafted and that all relevant legal considerations have been addressed.