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Church Security: A Wake-up Call

In the days following any tragic event, Brotherhood Mutual’s legal team fields hundreds of calls and emails from concerned ministry leaders. For this tight-knit team, their work is not about just calming fears with personal responses—it’s an opportunity for ministry.


A Heart For Ministry
Recent violence in churches has spurred ministries across the country to ask questions: Is my church safe?

Finding The Ministry Within Security
When we think about church safety, we immediately think of the worst-case scenario. But other emergencies are far more likely.


Steve Case - Assistant Vice President and Senior Corporate Counsel for Brotherhood Mutual

Steve Case serves as assistant vice president and senior corporate counsel for Brotherhood Mutual. He has focused on the areas of child protection, worker screening, healthcare, Medicare, and tax law. Currently, he manages corporate litigation strategies.



Guest Pastor Editorial

Learn why this megachurch pastor, who survived a mass shooting, takes a ministry-first stance on security.

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Brady Boyd is the senior pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He has written five books: Addicted to Busy, Fear No Evil, Sons & Daughters, Let Her Lead, and Speak Life.



How To Spot A Threat Before It's Too Late

Have you ever had a bad feeling about something you saw or someone’s behavior? What did you do about it? In this three-part series, you understand why safety is everyone’s responsibility.


How to Identify A Threat
Three simple steps to be proactive about safety in your church.


Dangers of Domestic Counseling
Know the red flags and what to do before a counseling session escalates to violence


Online Threats: When Do You Speak Up?
Subtle social cues can help you determine if someone is in crisis.



  Juan Barrientes - Fort Wayne Police Deparment & Church Security Expert

Juan Barrientes began his career in law enforcement in 1991. He has trained law enforcement and military nationwide. Currently, Barrientes serves with the Emergency Services Team (SWAT) and as staff instructor for the Fort Wayne (Indiana) Police Department.


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Firearms at Church

Should you allow concealed firearms on your ministry’s property? Who can carry and what’s the liability risk? This easy-to-follow resource helps your ministry know the important questions to ask.


Safe and Secure Church Kit

Safe & Secure Church Kit

Created specifically for churches, the Safe & Secure Church Kit is a step-by-step training system designed to improve your readiness to respond to crisis situations.

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Building a Team

When the church doors open, churches have to be prepared for who walks in. This webinar is perfect for any church, whether you are just forming a security team or looking for ways to improve existing safety policies.

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