Sample Application & Renewal Forms

Lay Counselor Application

A lay counselor application form should include the following essential elements:

  • An applicant’s personal and spiritual life
  • Church membership and attendance history
  • The applicant’s testimony of faith
  • What drives the applicant to serve in the lay counseling ministry

It also should include legal risk management questions that inquire about:

  • Sexual misconduct, including accusations, convictions, guilty pleas, no-contest pleas (if permitted by law)
  • Convictions, guilty pleas, or no contest pleas to criminal offenses of any kind (if permitted by law)
  • History of counseling or discipling experience
  • Traits/tendencies that could pose a threat to others

Download: Sample Lay Counseling Application

Annual Renewal Application 

Lay counseling administrators and counselors should complete a renewal application form annually. This annual inquiry will help uncover potentially serious situations involving existing workers. It should include the legal risk management questions from the initial application form. If problems have developed, it’s crucial that your ministry be aware of them as soon as possible.

Download: Sample Lay Counselor Renewal Application

Reference Checks

Require applicants to provide the names of at least two independent references who can speak to the applicant’s lay counseling qualifications. You should contact references either in person or in writing before you allow an applicant to provide lay counseling. Before allowing the individual to serve as a lay counselor in your ministry, ensure that you have received verification from these references that the applicant is a qualified and competent counselor.

Download: Sample Lay Counselor Reference Response Information

These are sample documents only. Your organization is responsible for compliance with all applicable laws. Accordingly, these documents should not be used or adopted by your organization without first being reviewed and approved by a licensed attorney in your area. Brotherhood Mutual assumes no liability in preparation and distribution of this sample documents.

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