How to Develop a Policy

Before you begin writing your abuse prevention policy, research the issue by consulting with both secular and Christian schools in your area. This information will be helpful as you assess the unique needs of your organization and address the potential concerns and objections of leaders, faculty, staff, volunteers, and parents.

Ensure that you cover all the elements needed to create your policies and screening processes as completely and effectively as possible.

At a minimum, schools should develop a policy that includes the following elements:

  • Introductory Language
  • Screening Policies and Statement of Restriction
  • Supervision
  • Rules for Behavior and Physical Interaction  
  • Abuse Reporting and Notification of Injuries

Additionally, take time to consider how your school will communicate your abuse prevention policy to parents and students. Parents and guardians can be a valuable advocate for your abuse prevention procedures and can help educate their children. If parents understand the reasoning behind a policy or procedure, they’re better able to spot troubling behavior early on.

The sample policies and related documents in this site are intended to be a template for you and your legal counsel to use in developing your own customized child protection plan. As with all documents of this nature, it’s important that you ask an attorney in your area to review the policies before you implement them. This step will help ensure that the documents have been properly drafted and that all relevant legal considerations have been addressed.