Saying Goodbye

It’s difficult to imagine that you will need to say goodbye to any of your employees, but it’s a natural part of the employment process. An organization may part ways with employees for any number of reasons. An individual may no longer be suited to a role with evolving duties, or budget cuts may lead to staff reductions. Whatever the cause, there are times when letting go of an employee becomes necessary. When it does, try to view termination as a process instead of an event. This mindset helps you take the steps needed to help produce a favorable outcome for both your organization and the employee.

One of the first steps your organization will want to take is talking to an attorney. Other steps include determining whether affected individuals are employed at-will, documenting situations involving affected employees, and ensuring consistency with the application of discipline. In addition, you’ll want to ensure that you’re following your organization's policies and procedures, such as those found in an employee handbook. This is only a brief overview. Please review the resources at right to learn more.