Employee Benefit Program

If your organization offers any employee benefits, this policy should be included. Your policy should state who is responsible for making changes to benefits. Your policy should also state that you have the right to modify or eliminate benefits at any time at the sole discretion of your organization.

Your organization should periodically assess its benefits program. Many factors, such as health insurance legislation, may affect the benefits your organization would like to offer or may be required to provide. Consulting regularly with your benefits administrator or a locally licensed attorney helps ensure your organization complies with applicable law and protects its interests.


For the benefit of employees and this organization, (name of organization) provides certain employee benefits outlined in this handbook. All employee benefits are subject to change or elimination at any time at the discretion of the organization. Benefits also may be modified in accordance with federal and state law and will be governed by all existing plan documents.

Temporary employees and people not employed by the organization, such as independent contractors, are not eligible for any benefits.

Contact the (business administrator) with any questions regarding benefits.

This is a sample handbook policy only. Your organization is responsible for compliance with all applicable laws. Accordingly, this document should not be used or adopted by your organization without first being reviewed and approved by a licensed attorney in your area. Brotherhood Mutual assumes no liability in preparation and distribution of this sample document.

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