Injury and Illness at Work

This policy explains your organization’s procedures for handling injuries or illnesses that occur at the workplace, whether work-related or not. It also addresses workers’ compensation insurance for work-related injuries and illnesses. Most states require that all organizations maintain workers’ compensation insurance, even if only one person is employed. If your organization doesn’t carry workers’ compensation insurance, consult with a locally licensed attorney to confirm that you aren’t legally required to provide it.


(Name of organization) carries workers’ compensation insurance on all employees for work-related injuries or illnesses. We will comply with applicable workers’ compensation laws and regulations and will provide information to the workers’ compensation carrier, who will make benefit payments to injured or ill employees as provided by applicable workers’ compensation laws.

If you become injured or ill at work, whether work-related or not, the following protocol should generally be followed. If an injury or illness appears severe or life threatening, immediately call the 911* emergency number and follow the directions provided. Then, notify your supervisor. Report any other type of injury or illness at work immediately to your supervisor, who will relay it to the human resources department.

All job-related accidents, regardless of their cause or severity, must be reported to your supervisor immediately. Accidents that are not reported promptly may result in the claim being denied. First aid supplies are available at the first aid station.


Accidents include all work-related injuries or illnesses that occur while working for (name of organization).

Employees have an obligation to report any work-related injury or illness immediately and return to work as soon after an injury or illness as their medical conditions permit.

A list of approved medical care facilities may be obtained from the business administrator.

If you need medical treatment while on company travel, proceed to the nearest medical facility. Report it to your supervisor or the business administrator upon your return.

* Please substitute your local emergency number.

This is a sample handbook policy only. Your organization is responsible for compliance with all applicable laws. Accordingly, this document should not be used or adopted by your organization without first being reviewed and approved by a licensed attorney in your area. Brotherhood Mutual assumes no liability in preparation and distribution of this sample document.

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